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30 Bar Compressed Air Filter Applied For Laser Cutting Air Compressor


The quality of compressed air has a very direct impact on the quality of metal laser cutting, and the size and stability of the gas pressure will affect the cutting effect. Laser cutting machine usually installed with four or five pieces of micro air filters in order to better protect the service life of the laser cutting machine. If the water mist and oil contained in the compressed air are not cleaned and sprayed on the protective mirror surface of the laser cutting head under high pressure, the transmission of the laser beam will be seriously affected, the focus will be scattered, and the product will be impenetrable, resulting in waste. If it is a super high-power laser cutting machine, as long as the protective mirror or nozzle surface is stuck with a little very fine oil film or water mist, it may also cause the high-energy laser to burn out the laser head.

So for end users, it is very important to choose a reliable and professional supplier of water separators, refrigeration dryers, inline air filters, etc. .


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